Phoenix, AZ
Curated by Justen Siyuan Waterhouse and Ross Young
25 January - 18 February, 2020

Changing wintertime
A beautiful, charred bird flits
whilst watching the smoke
— internet haiku generator

To most of our wild birds, humans must appear as eccentric and contradictory. By turns hostile, indifferent, friendly towards them, so that they never quite know
what to expect. Birds are able sometimes to discriminate between protectors and persecutors, but seldom very well we should imagine. Regardless, we know two
or three persons who are as fond of the bird as we are; and two or three recent writers on birds have spoken of its song as if they loved it.

Hew To The Line, 2019
HD video, public domain footage US Fish and Wildlife Service, animation



Freedom, 2020
Graphic design on photos by US Forest Service

551 Bird Species and Subspecies Found in Arizona, 2020
551 crumpled sheets of office paper


Keywords, 2020
Series of 30 posters, designed after Raymond Williams


America First, 2020
Various media and materials framing US Budget

Enchanted Evergreens. Air Freshener Spray: (Enchanted Evergreens scent, Disney Collection) and Forest Sounds. 2020