Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas
In A Narrow Circle Of Acquaintance
Exhibition at Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki
14th - 30th of November 2014

Curated by Mikko Kuorinki and Diego Bruno (Ruler)

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After Taste. Arthur C. Danto

Can Taste Be Objective? Clement Greenberg

A Social Critique of Judgement of Taste: Classes and Classifications. Pierre Bordieu

Lectures on Kant’s Political Philosophy. Hannah Arendt

Fashion, Adornment and Style: The Philosophy of Fashion. Georg Simmel

Of the Standard of Taste. David Hume


Ruler 10

Front room:

In A Narrow Circle Of Acquaintance.

Essays on taste by Hume, Bourdieu, Danto, Arendt and Greenberg.
Reprographic print, sumi ink, india ink, “Molotow” spray paint,
watercolor, and permanent marker on paper.
76,2 x 152,4 cm

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Ruler 6

Cellar, back:

Ruler 11

The Potato Eaters, part II

Photographed detail of Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry fresco and defaced
Van Gogh print framed by the artists in American hardwood walnut and Belgian linen.

Ruler 14

Ruler 15

The Potato Eaters, part I.

Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier interpreted by Joao Carlos Martins (Connoisseur Society 12” LP 1973)
played through Greedtone fuzz pedal, (made in Seattle), and Fender amp, (made in California) on gentleman’s suit wool.

Ruler 12

Ruler 13

Ruler 14



Since Pierre Bourdieu’s 1967-1968 survey finding that, in France, the Well-Tempered Clavier was favored by
“those fractions of the dominant class that are richest in economic capital”, standards of “legitimate taste”
have been complicated, but not made redundant, by cowboy capital appearing to flatten taste and obfuscate
class to a relatable, populist, base baseline. (The Aristocracy of Culture, 1980.)