Bitter Presence / Amarga Presencia

K18 Gallery
Maribor, Slovenia
Curated by Irena Borić
16 November 16 - 11 December 2018

Elephant, 2018
Tarps borrowed from the Slovenian Scouts.

Examples of Collaboration in Nature and Culture, 2018

Bee and Monkshood 
Dye sublimation print on metal 
By Scott Bell. Logan Ranger District, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. US Forest Service. U.S. Government Photos and Images

Dye sublimation print on metal
By Donald Tong. Contributor Free stock photos. Pixels

Ant Plant
Dye sublimation print on metal
By Florapix. Licensed by Alamy stock photography agency

Liberty, 2018
In collaboration with Joshua Hughes.
3D Printed statues from Public Domain 3D model rendering of the Statue of Liberty. The US Postal Service made a stamp of the Statue of Liberty without realizing
the photo was of the Las Vegas replica of the Statue of Liberty, and not the NY original, and thus lost a $3.5 million copyright judgement suit brought by the artist
who made the replica. 

Peace and Liberty, 2018
US Postal Service stamps of the Los Vegas replica of the Statue of Liberty. Painting on military tarp. Painting on peace silk.

The Virtue of Selfishness, 2018
Ayn Rand's "The Virtue of Selfishness" sent by the artists to the artists' home using Ayn Rand stamps issued by US Postal Service.